Ministries - Mercy

Heather Hills Mercy Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to stay in constant contact with members who are infirmed, shut-in, and widowed. Our goal is to be available to these individuals for support, encouragement, and service on a regular basis.

This ministry is comprised of a committee who have a burden for serving individuals who are in need physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

These committee members send cards to, make phone calls to, and personally visit every shut-in, widow, and widower in our church on a monthly basis. In addition, members of this committee assist in transporting individuals to doctor appointments and pharmacies, as well as assist in shopping needs.

Twice a year the committee has a brunch for the group, and when possible share in a holiday gathering together in order to have some social outlet.

The group is a support to one another as well. When a new widow/widower comes into the group, those who are currently widowed can (and do) support and comfort them, because they have been there. There is a strong bond among the men and women in this group and they do encourage one another.

At times there is a “temporary” need for an individual who might be having post-surgery care. The Mercy Ministry Committee is involved in assisting in situations like this also.

This Ministry is a vital outreach for the older population of our church. Over the years has been very effective in supporting and encouraging those who are lonely, discouraged, and in need of someone to come along side of them.

Hope & Crisis

Mercy 01 Workers are Hope in Crisis trained by Dr. Nell Collins and use Hope in Crisis Materials.

The ladies here at H.H.B.C. are so excited about all the opportunities our Lord has for ladies to Learn, Change and Grow to Glorify HIM.

First, if you don’t know the Lord as your one and only Savior, we have trained ladies who would assist in this area and if you already know Christ as your savior and need to bond closer, here at H.H.B.C. we can also assist in that.

Our ladies have strived for many years to study the Lord’s Word and apply them to every day activities. The ladies have trained under some of the best leaders the Lord has to offer. Attended many Seminars, Weekend retreats, Bible classes and have given their lives to the Ministry of helping all age women to having a better relationship with the Lord.

Many ladies have struggled with "what is the purpose of man"? Rev. 4:11 answers that question. Thou art worthy O Lord to receive glory and honor and power for thou hast created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created. We as ladies have lots of questions and Jesus has ALL the answers.

Another area we all need help in is, knowing our priorities and scheduling. With lives so busy today these two tools will help you.

If you feel we can help in any area please call or visit us, and we will be of some help.